Griffith drummer living rock ‘n’ roll life

BUSY TIME: Damien Jones (front, left,) will tour with Lepers and Crooks in 2015.A FORMER Griffith man is set to hit theroad for his band’s national tour.

Damien “Damo” Jones, who grew up inGriffith, is the drummer for the popularband Lepers and Crooks.

The band announced its national tocoincide with the release of EP Her Kiss.

The band issued a statement, saying itwas excited about the upcoming tour,which includes more than 50 gigs.

“2014 was an amazing year for us, wehave learnt so much and keep developingour craft under the watchful eye andguidance of CM Murphy and his team.

“We are so excited to get back out on theroad, to re-connect with existing and newfans and perform the songs from our EP,as well as a bunch of new songs we havejust written up in Ballina,” the statementsaid.

INXS manager Chris Muprhy has puthis faith in the five-piece band, which hasbeen described as having “the energy ofMichael Hutchence”.

“They are the whole package: five guyswho were school mates, they are (aged)around 22, they are passionate, honest,hardworking and they have a sense ofhumour, which means they can go on theroad because when things get tough theyknow how to laugh or cry,” Mr Murphysaid.

“They have a distinctive gig and theyplay every gig like it’s their last gig, withthe energy of a Jimmy Barnes, a MichaelHutchence or a Peter Garrett.”

The band performed at Griffith’s TheArea Hotel in October as part of itsBarefoot Alley Raw Tour.

When asked what type of music theband plays, Jones said: “We like to tellpeople we’re a pretty hard-rockingband”.

Jones said the band members werefans of early ‘60s and ‘70s rock.

“Led Zeppelin and The Doors and evenPink Floyd are massive influences andwe love the Arctic Monkeys, the FooFighters and Nirvana,” Jones said.

“We take influences from all of thesebands.”

The band members met at school.

The band will play at The Area Hotelon Saturday, March 7.

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