January, 2019

Time to lend a hand

Rick Fourij of ‘Help us to help others’ with Sharon Edwards of the Horrocks Group CFS collecting goods to donate to victims of the Sampson Flat fires.Local not-for-profit community group, ‘Help us too help others’ together with the CFS and Gawler Salvation Army are working together to support victims of the Sampson Flat fires.
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Adelaide’s bushfire crisis is feared to have destroyed dozens of homes, and the dangerous weather forecast for the week could reignite the firestorm.

The catastrophic fires eased on Sunday but the blaze has continued to burn in all directions.

Rick Fourij and Chris Carter of ‘Help us too help others’ have organised a donation set-up in the Clare Woolworths car park, with the help of the region’s CFS and the Gawler Salvation Army.

Mr Fourij said they are looking for products and basic things affected people can use and they are not looking for money or perishable foods.

“We are looking for products which people can use such as tools, clothing, shoes, pet food, bottled water, sanitary products, sun cream, tooth brushes, back packs, nappies, wet wipes, toilet paper, cereal and much more,” Mr Fourij said.

“I will be here every day this week, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm for anyone who would like to make a donation.

“We believe these products will be very beneficial to those affected and at the end of the week, Chris Carter will take the donated products to the Gawler Salvation Army who will be in charge of distribution.”

Sharon Edwards of the Horrocks Group CFS said this was a great way to support those affected by the crisis in Adelaide.

“Everyone has to do their bit to help out and this allows us to transfer much needed goods,” Mrs Edwards said.

“This also shows how people are always thinking of others in times of need.”

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Wagga Live hits new heights

(Back from left) Entertainment directors Geoff Simpson and Dale Allison, along with big screen producer Michael Patterson, (front) Committee4Wagga chairwoman Judy Galloway and Events co-ordinator Belinda King reflect on a successful second edition of Wagga Live. Picture: Kieren L TillyWAGGA’S New Year’s Eve showcase showed no signs of second-year syndrome, with organisers reporting an attendance of more than 11,000 people to the event’s 2014 edition.
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In only its second year, Wagga Live has quickly grown into an institution on the city’s social calendar, filling a gap that had long been bemoaned by many in the community.

Committee4Wagga (C4W) chairman Chris Fitzpatrick, one of the driving forces behind the event, said it was important to continue to build on the event’s success.

“I think a city such as Wagga needs to have events such as this, just to make sure our residents feel like they’re looked after on New Year’s Eve and have somewhere to go,” he said.

The concept of Wagga New Year’s Eve spectacular was hatched by C4W in 2013 after years of debate as to whether the city should host an event to mark the occasion.

C4W was aided by a $135,000 contribution from Wagga City Council to cover Wagga Live’s first three editions, with that agreement due to expire after 2015’s event.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the event would be reviewed once that agreement concluded.

“After that, I guess it’s open for discussion,” he said.

For the first time this year, a small entry fee was charged for entry to the Wagga Live precinct – a decision which initially drew mixed reviews from the community.

Despite revellers having to pay to party this year however, crowds were up on the 2013 event.

“I think that’s a really pleasing aspect – people who did come were more than happy to make a contribution,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

“The bottom line is you can’t run an event like that unless there is a small entry charge to cover the base costs.”

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School comments divisive

I am not sure why Stan Liacos feels that he is qualified to comment on the performance of local schools. He has certainly never set foot in our school.
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He seems impressed by the efforts of wealthy private schools to invest in infrastructure and is very comfortable in his relationship with BSSC and it’s gaol/theatre project.

That’s his bread and butter cheesy-smile photo opportunity specialty.

That’s easy stuff.

Where does Mr Liacos believe BSSC students have come from?

I once asked him at an Arts function if he ever got out into schools. No. I offered him a visit.

His comments about schools lifting their game are insulting and divisive or at the best ill-considered and impulsive.

He needs to apply the same amount of accountability rigor to his beloved Art Gallery with its half million dollar loss as he purports to do with our schools.

Schools such as mine in ‘lower socio-economic’ areas have achieved data levels equal to,and in some cases surpassing, the best schools in the State.

I would suggest that State Government schools in particular are subjected to equally as much annual monitoring as Mr Liacos and his fellow Council officers and I’m fairly confident the local public would have more confidence in us at the moment based on recent Council efforts.

What’s your opinion?

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Angels of Blood Bank service in town

DOING THEIR BIT: This group of ladies generously lend their time and support to assisting donors each time the Australian Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank comes to town. Pictured (front, from left) are Ros Burge, Caroline Kingston, Margot Lyne, Patsy Crowe and Wendy Rickett, (standing) Elaine Macky, Jan Gavin, Wendy Gardiner, Nancye Hicks, Anne Steinke, Sandra Fallon and Meryl Morgan. Five volunteers were missing from yesterday’s morning tea and meeting. YESTERDAY volunteers from the Australian Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank in Cootamundra met to coordinate rosters for the upcoming year.
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With a team of close to 20 volunteers, local coordinator Nancye Hicks, herself a volunteer, is blessed.

The volunteers operate in conjunction with the Red Cross nurses who take blood from generous donors.

Their role involves checking donors in including checking their donor numbers, giving them a drink and a biscuit after their donation to ensure they are right to be on their way and where applicable booking future appointments.

Cootamundra bats above average in terms of donor numbers. We are one of the most generous towns in the district with dozens of donors arriving at the mobile unit, which sets up outside the Council office in Wallendoon Street, each time it arrives.

On their last visit to town on December 30 and 31, Nancye reported that about 35 donors arrived on the first day and with a shortened day due to New Year’s Eve the next day, 23 made their way through.

Donors come from all walks of life, some attending off the street when they see the bus and others making their appointment in advance.

There are men and women in suits and men and women in work boots. Young people, old people and those in between. There are mothers, farmers, businesspeople and tradies. Anyone can give blood and in Cootamundra they do in droves.

Donations are not allowed by those under 18 years of age and there are some health requirements which must be met to be eligible to donate.

Important information for those donating is they must drink up to four glasses of water or juice in the hours before they donate and ensure they have eaten a good sized breakfast or lunch.

They are also required to have their ID with you.

For more information and to make an appointment with the Australian Red Cross Mobile Blood Bank please phone 13 95 96 or visit www.donateblood南京夜网.au.

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Driver flees after hit and run in Peisley Street

POLICE are asking for the public’s help to track down the driver responsible for a hit and run in Peisley Street at 7.35 on Monday night.POLICE are asking for the public’s help to track down the driver responsible for a hit and run in Peisley Street at 7.35 on Monday night.
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The male driver of the white Ford Falcon was heading west down Summer Street and hit the 32-year-old female pedestrian after he turned right into Peisley Street.

The pedestrian lights were green when the pedestrian crossed the road.

Canobolas local area commend duty officer Bruce Grassick said police are trying to track down the driver of the Falcon who was described as being in his 20s and Caucasian and wearing a baseball cap at the time of the incident.

Inspector Grassick said there was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident although witnesses were unable to provide a description of them.

Inspector Grassick said police were concerned that that the driver who “clipped” the pedestrian failed to stop, exchange details or help.

“In an incident like this the driver needs to stop and render assistance and establish what’s happened and see if medical aide is needed,” he said.

“It appears in this case the driver has disobeyed a red signal; this is something drivers need to be vigilant about.”

Inspector Grassick said the pedestrian was not serious injured.

“It could have been much worse,” he said.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Orange police station on: 63636399.

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